Skills for life

As Scouts, we believe in preparing young people with skills for life.
We bring communities together and contribute to society. Above all, we aim to build better futures.

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6 – 8 years
Make friends and try new indoor and outdoor activities

8 – 10.5 years

Learn practical skills while having adventures with friends

10.5 – 14 years

Build confindence, resilience and a sense of adventure

Welcome to
3rd Billericay Scouts


3rd Billericay (Christchurch) Scout Group was founded in the 1950’s. It has been run by a succession of committed volunteers throughout the decades, educating and providing important life skills to the young people of Billericay, in Beavers, Cubs & Scouts.

The group is connected to Christchurch, with a strong relationships in the community as a whole, and it has always drawn its young people from the immediate area, with whole generations of families having passed through our doors.

The world continues to change around us, and although Scouting has changed with the times, we strive to stay true to the principles set down by Robert Baden-Powell in 1907;

“fun, adventure and skills for life and give young people the opportunity to enjoy new adventures, experience outdoors and take part in a range of creative, community and international activities, interact with others, make new friends, gain confidence and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

The current leaders and executive members, working together as a team, strive to stay true to that laudable aim, to bring the best program possible to the young people involved in Scouting, and will continue to do so for years to come I am sure. 

Moving forward, we look forward to seeing more young people and adult helpers join us as we grow as a group.

Kate Morphew
Group Scout Leader
3rd Billericay Scout Group


Adult Volunteers

We are always looking for additional people to join our team and help us provide lasting memories for our young members.

Our Location: 3rd Billericay, Christ Church, Perry St, Billericay CM12 0NX