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Scouting is extremely popular in the Billericay area with not enough groups to meet the demand. As a result, we at 3rd Billericay Scouts currently run at capacity, and have done so for some time.  For this reason it is necessary for us to run a waiting list for children wanting to join. This is a Single Joining List’, designed, where spaces are available, for those who fit the criteria, to join.

Admissions from the waiting list are done primarily at Beaver level (6 to 8 years old), at the beginning of each school term. Due to the success of Scouting, there is minimal opportunity to join at Cub or Scout level, as the number of Beavers moving up fills those sections regularly.

We allow parents/guardians to register ‘Expressions of Interest’ from the child’s 3rd Birthday, not before. This is the first step to admission; however it is not a guarantee of acceptance to membership.

We will contact you again near to their 4th Birthday and request confirmation you wish to go on the ‘Waiting List’. If we do not hear from you, we will remove you from the list.

It can take 2 or 3 years to gain a place in a Group so it’s worth getting on the list early if you are keen for your child to join. You can join more that one group’s list, each group runs their own!

Criteria for selection
On the assumption there will always be more applicants than places, the following criteria is used in order of priority, to assess admission to the group;

  1. Parent/Guardian becomes a ‘Uniformed Leader’ or permanent ‘Section Assistant’, within the Group, or a similar commitment. Scouting relies on adult volunteers, and as a reward for your commitment, we will take your child into the group immediately.
  2. Any siblings that are already in the group! Assuming they are on the ‘Waiting list’, this prioritises your child’s application.
  3. Any applicants that are at least 6 years old and then those that have been on the Waiting List the longest!

Please Note
Conversations with leaders or phone calls/emails to someone else in the group or Social Media requests and such like, will not count as a request to join or be added to the Waiting List, only completing the waiting list form or email directly with the Waiting List Administrator will ensure you are on the list!

Offering a place
Our Waiting List Administrator will Email the parents/guardians of the children offering them a place at for the next term. To secure your Childs place we require a response by email within 7 days.

‘Aging out’
It is possible that due to the age range of those on the list, the time you were added to the list and other factors beyond your (or our) control, your young person might not be offered a place before they get to an age where Beavers is no longer an option. We take this age to be 7 years old! We will ask you at that time if you wish them to remain on the list in the event a place becomes available at Cubs, or even Scouts!

Any applicant moving from another Scout Group outside our District (Billericay & Wickford) will receive consideration, assuming there is any space available within the section they wish to move to. Internal District transfers are not generally allowed.

Special Needs
If your young person has special needs, admission will be at the discretion of the Group Scout Leader, probably on a trial basis. Scouting cannot offer one to one care during meetings. If this becomes the case parents/guardians will be expected to provide the extra support.

Starting your own Section!
If you choose to step up and start a new section in the Group as a Uniformed Leader, Beaver, Cub, Scout or Explorer, we will obviously take your young person into the Group! Full help and training will be given, and you will likely become a local hero in the process!

If as a parent/guardian you wish to appeal the above policy, or feel that it has disadvantaged you in some way, please contact the group and direct your concerns to the Executive Chairman at